Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College

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News / Events

  • Graduation Ceremony 2014-2015
  • Donation Sale
  • Sport Day
  • 3rd Good Students Good Teachers Award
  • Parent Teacher Association Picnic
  • Chelsea Football Team Closing Ceremony
  • Digital Broadcasting Corporation Radio Show
  • Family Eid Fun Fair


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Up Coming Events

School Calendar


May30th ~ Jun10th S.1-S.5 Final Examination
Jun6th Ramadan Starts (Tentative )
Jun8th Conduct Assessment Meeting
Jun9th Dragon Boat Festival
Jun13th ~ Jun16th S.1- S.5 Checking Exam. Scripts
Jun13th ~ Jun29th S.1-S.5 (Special Timetable)
Jun17th Iftar Gathering
Jun21st ~ Jun22nd S.4 - S.5 Regular Class
Jun24th Reserved for TSA replacement exam.
Jun28th Staff Meeting (VIII)
Jun29th Parents' Day
Jun30th Closing Ceremony of School Year



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