Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College




School Campus


Our school is located near the Chai Wan Park and has a site area of 6900 meter sq. It is a pleasant environment adorned with surrounding greenery. Besides, the 7-story building is endowed with spacious playgrounds and open areas. There are 26 air-conditioned classrooms, over 20 special rooms, a hall, 2 basketball courts, a cricket court and 2 covered playgrounds.

2. Pastoral Care    
  Dual Class Teacher Scheme  

  Management of each form by a team of teachers (level system).  

  Couseling Care and Incentive Schemes ─ New Arrival Child  
  Integrated Encouragement Award Scheme; Scholarships;  
      Activities jointly organized by our school and other voluntary  
      organizations; and School Social Worker and teacher counselors.  

Preparation for secondary school life:

  S1 summer course aims at helping new entrants adapt to    
       secondary school life.    
  Students get to know the school and secondary school life.    
  Develop friendship with classmates    
  Develop students’ potential and interests    
  Course content: learn Chinese, English, Computer Literacy and     
       Mathematics in a fun-filled atmosphere.    
  Interest Classes: Adventure-based Counselling, basketball,    
       cricket etc.    
4. Special features of our curriculum  

  Junior Forms  
  Build a firm foundation in Chinese, English and Mathematics.  
       We have employed Native English Speaking Teachers to  
            teach English  
      .To foster an English speaking environment by encouraging  
            students from different cultural backgrounds to communicate  
            in English  
       After school enhancement and Remedial classes  
  Develop good learning habits  
  Life wide learning, projects learning and Out-of-School  
  Senior Forms    
  New Senior Secondary Structure – to provide a board based    
      curriculum to develop students’ potential.