Title Title
06/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 001

Leadership Training Activity (只有英文版本)

09/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 002

Dancing Performance (只有英文版本)

07/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 003

Mid Autumn Festival Vibes 2022- Market Tour to Wong Tai Sin (只有英文版本)

02/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 004

Cricket Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

03/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 005

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

09/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 006

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

06/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 007A

Ordering Calculator (Mathematics)

訂購計算機 (數學科)

13/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 007B

Government Flying Service Activity 2022 (只有英文版本)

14/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 008

Adventure Ship Activity (只有英文版本)

15/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 009

Basketball Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

16/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 010

Basketball Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

19/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 011

Cricket Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

19/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 012

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

21/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 013

Cuitural and Heritage Tour: Tai Kwun (只有英文版本)

26/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 014

Golf Tasting Program (只有英文版本)

27/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 015

HKSSF football competition (只有英文版本)

27/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 016

2223 Football team training (只有英文版本)

27/09/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 017

Softball Team Training (只有英文版本)

03/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 018

VolleyballTeam Training (只有英文版本)

03/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 019

Badminton Team Training (只有英文版本)

03/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 020

Inter-school Volleyball Competition_9_10_2022 (只有英文版本)

03/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 021

Balloon Twisting (只有英文版本)

03/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 022

Journey to China Through Art Activity (只有英文版本)

04/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 023

JA Company Program Orientation Day (只有英文版本)

06/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 024

Handball Team Training (只有英文版本)

06/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 025

HKSSF Inter-School Handball Competition (只有英文版本)

07/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 026

Girls Basketball Team Training (只有英文版本)

07/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 027

HKSSF Inter-School Girls Basketball Competition (只有英文版本)

10/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 028

DanceTeam Training (只有英文版本)

06/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 029

Friendly match of Volleyball Team (只有英文版本)

13/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 031

Career Visit (H.Y. Leung & Co. LLP, Solicitors) (只有英文版本)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 032



14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 033A

Chinese Extra Class (只有英文版本)

24/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 033B

Amazing English (Chinese Version Only)

15/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 034A

The Master of Ceremony (只有英文版本)

26/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 034B

乾花香氛蠟片班義工活動 (Chinese Version Only)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 035

DIY Fun Balloon activity (只有英文版本)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 036

S2 DIY Perler Beads Workshop (只有英文版本)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 037

S3 DIY Star Bottle for the teachers (只有英文版本)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 038

Elderly Visit activity (只有英文版本)

14/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 039

Organic Farm Volunteer activity (只有英文版本)

19/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 040

Inter-school Volleyball Competition_23_10_2022 (只有英文版本)

20/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 041

STEM Workshops and Competition for District Cooling System (只有英文版本)

21/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 042

Research by CUHK


21/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 043

Girls’ Swimming Classes (只有英文版本)

24/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 044

HKSSF Inter-School Cross Country Competition and Training (只有英文版本)

24/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 045

Rugby Hong Kong Seven Appreciation (只有英文版本)

24/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 046

Halfway House Visit Program (只有英文版本)

25/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 047

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

14/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 048

Orchestral Performance (只有英文版本)

20/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 049

DIY Wax Workshop (只有英文版本)

26/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 050

DIY Star Bottle for the teachers (2) (只有英文版本)

31/10/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 051

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

01/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 052

Expressive Arts Workshop with PolyU students (只有英文版本)

01/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 053

Expressive Arts Workshop with PolyU students (只有英文版本)

01/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 054

Fire and Ambulance Services Academy Open Day Visit (只有英文版本)

03/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 055

Student ambassadors for Fire and Ambulance Services Academy Open Day


04/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 056

The Lion’s Club Basketball Competition(Boys) (只有英文版本)

04/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 057

The Lion’s Club Basketball Competition(Girls) (只有英文版本)

07/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 058

Festive Chamber 2022 Annual Concert (只有英文版本)

09/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 059

SME Teens Career Program – Half-day University Students (只有英文版本)

10/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 060

Leisure Tour to the Peak (只有英文版本)

08/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 061

HKSSF football competition (只有英文版本)

10/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 062

Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland for Prefect Team (只有英文版本)

15/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 063

Changing Dance Team Training Time (只有英文版本)

16/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 064

IKTMC Information Day student helpers (只有英文版本)

15/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 065

VolleyballTeam Training (只有英文版本)

16/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 066

Cultural Art Workshop (只有英文版本)

16/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 067

Journey to China Through Art Activity  (只有英文版本)

18/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 068

Cricket Umpiring Course (只有英文版本)

23/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 069

Career Visit to Career Visit to The Well Coffee Corner (只有英文版本)

23/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 070

HKSSF Inter-School Girls B-Grade Basketball Competition (只有英文版本)

24/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 072

Student ambassadors for Information booths of Secondary schools in Eastern District (只有英文版本)

30/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 073

Student ambassadors for Flag Raising Ceremony cum “Breaking New Ground with the Youth” Collage Activity (只有英文版本)

30/11/2022_Miscellaneous Notice 074

Henna Artist Traditional Nepali dance dancer Student Ambassador for the Positive Parent-Child Movement Carnival (只有英文版本)