The Education Bureau (EDB) has introduced the e-submission of student grant applications in all public sector schools and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools in the 2023/24 school year and the feedback from parents was positive. Starting from the 2024/25 school year, EDB will extend the e-submission to all types of schools including private schools, English Schools Foundation (ESP) schools and kindergartens.

To submit applications electronically in September in the new school year, parents must have a user account of “iAM Smart+” with digital signing function. Parents may at any time register for “iAM Smait+” in-person at the district “iAM Smart” self-registration kiosks or registration service counters with ai·ound 170 locations, including Post Offices in various districts.

To facilitate parents to make registration, EDB will arrange promotion activities again and set up booths for on-site “iAM Smart+” registration for parents at designated schools in various districts this year.

Please help to disseminate the info1mation to parents and encourage those who have not made e-submission to participate. If parents have already registered for “iAM Smart+”, they do not need to register again.

教育局於2023/24學年在公營中小學及直接資助計劃學校推行學生津貼 ($2,500)電子申請,家長反應正面。本局將於2024/25學年起,將學生津貼電 子申請推展至所有類別的學校,包括私立中小學、英基學校及幼稚園。

家長必須持有具數碼簽署功能的「方便」帳戶,方可於新學年9月遞交電 子申請。家長可隨時自行到設於各區的「智方便」自助登記站或登記服務櫃 位(大約170個登記點包括各區郵政局)辦理「智方便+」戶口登記手續。

為方便家長辦理登記手續,本局人員今年將再次於各區的指定學校舉辦到校 推廣活動。有關2024年5月及6月份登記活動的詳情及預約方法,可參閱夾附 的海報