School Vision

Inspired by the principles in the Holy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him), our college aims at providing holistic education to individuals that ensures love of peace and kindness to mankind and other creatures; true success in this life and in the life hereafter. We endeavour to provide quality education through well-balanced curriculum in moral, academic, physical, social, civic, aesthetic and spiritual domains.

School Missions

  • To explain and demonstrate how Islam is a complete way of life.


  • To provide and maintain a harmonious environment in which students from multicultural background can learn and work together in an enjoyable and successful way.


  • To nurture in students a sense of belonging to the school and the society in order to function effectively as civic-minded and responsible citizens of Hong Kong.


  • To provide each student with opportunities to exhibit individual talents and enjoy ever increasing self-esteem.


  • To arouse students’ interest towards learning and stimulate critical thinking in order to equip them with problem solving and decision making skills.


  • To incorporate all internal and community resources as well as information technology in all aspects of the curriculum.


  • To foster cooperation among students, parents, teachers, school management and the community.


  • To cultivate in students a true love for lifelong learning.