Morning Assembly We remind students of suitable behavior.
Lunch-in-school We make arrangement for S.1 to S.4 students to have lunch in school so they can participate in school activities.
Smart Card Award Scheme We believe that positive reinforcement enhances confidence and induces good behavior. As such, we encourage teachers to acknowledge good performane in academic, activity and behavioural field through instantaneous award.
Communication We organize activities to foster understanding between teachers and students, e.g. ‘Thank-you Cards to Teachers’ scheme; we hold Secondary One Orientation Days to help new comers adapt to school life; we ask senior students to act as mentors for S.1 students. Etc.
External Support We actively seek support from external organizations so as to provide diversified learning opportunity for our students.
Dual Class-teachers To take better care of our students, we appoint 2 class teachers to each junior class. The class-teachers’ offices are usually on the same level as students’ classroom for closer contact. We also appoint specific co-ordinator, discipline master / mistress and activity organiser to take care of each level. These teachers pay special attention to the interests, problems and development of students at the level and tailor make activities to cater for their needs.
DCC Head Mr. Wong Ka Chung (KC)
DCC Member Mr. Tahir Nadeem (NT)
DCC Member Mr. Lee To (TO)
DCC Member Ms. Kausar Sobia (SJ)
DCC Member Mr. Ali Waqas (AL)
DCC Member Mr. Muhammad Hassaan Ahmed Shah (SA)
DCC Member Mr. Ho Kwok Shing (KS)