We have arranged for each class in S1-S3 to upload the homework every day on to the e-class Intranet platform. In addition to the homework entries in the Student Handbook, this provides another means for parents to keep track of their child’s homework. Parents should be able to find the icon for ‘F1-F3 Homework’ on the homepage of the school website: http://www.iktmc.edu.hk. They just need to click on the homework icon to access the e-class Intranet homepage.

The login ID for all parents is ‘parent’ and the password is also ‘Parent1’. After successfully logging in, click on the class of your child, and you should be able to see the homework given for the day, the week as well as for the month.

After logging in, click eServices then, eHomework:

We consider that homework is an important and indispensable part of the learning process. We will do everything possible to ensure that our students do their homework properly and regularly for consolidation of learning in the lessons. In this important endeavour, we believe that parents play an indispensable part. We welcome comment and suggestions from parents for more strategies to enhance students’ learning.