We make reference to the curriculum aims and goals spelled out by the Curriculum Development Council in the ‘Learning to Learn’ consultation document.

We subscribe in particular to the following statement in the document:
“The school curriculum should help students to learn how to learn through cultivating positive values, attitudes, and a commitment to life-long learning; develop generic skills to acquire and construct knowledge, which are essential for whole-person development to cope with challenges of the 21st century.”

  • The S1-S3 curriculum give appropriate time and emphasis to the 8 key learning areas, namely:
  • Chinese Language Education
  • English Language Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Personal, Social, Humanities Education
  • Science Education
  • Technology Education
  • Arts Education
  • Physical Education.

The school implement the New Secondary School Curriculum at Secondary 4 in the 2008-09 school year. Apart from the 4 core subjects (i.e. Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies), students may choose to study 3 or 2 more other subjects.

At present, students in S1-S6 are taught according to the HKDSE syllabuses and helped to prepare for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Examination.

As non-Chinese students need to follow the school-based Chinese curriculum, special arrangements will be made for them to sit for the GCSE and GCE Chinese Language examination conducted in Hong Kong.