Title Title
05/09/2023_Miscellaneous 001

Volunteer Recruitment (只有英文版本)

01/09/2023_Miscellaneous 002

Volunteer Service – Yu Lan Cultural Festival 2023 (只有英文版本)

05/09/2023_Miscellaneous 003

Kowloon Masjid Open Day 10 Sep 2023 (只有英文版本)

05/09/2023_Miscellaneous 004

Cricket Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

05/09/2023_Miscellaneous 005

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous 006

promotion from Prefect team member to team leader (只有英文版本)

06/09/2023_Miscellaneous 007

Cultural Harmony (只有英文版本)

07/09/2023_Miscellaneous 008

Honoring Harmony (只有英文版本)

07/09/2023_Miscellaneous 009

S4 Yonex-sunrise 2023 Hong Kong Open (只有英文版本)

07/09/2023_Miscellaneous 010

S6 Yonex-sunrise 2023 Hong Kong Open (只有英文版本)

07/09/2023_Miscellaneous 011

S5 Yonex-sunrise 2023 Hong Kong Open (只有英文版本)

11/09/2023_Miscellaneous 012

Ordering Calculator (Mathematics)

訂購計算機 (數學科)

11/09/2023_Miscellaneous 013

Golden Boy Gweilo_Theatre Performance (只有英文版本)

12/09/2023_Miscellaneous 014

2324 School Football Team Training (只有英文版本)

12/09/2023_Miscellaneous 015

Dramatic Script Writing Workshop (只有英文版本)

13/09/2023_Miscellaneous 016

PolyU Service learning Sharing (只有英文版本)

14/09/2023_Miscellaneous 017

The Cambridge University International Model United Nations Conference 2023


15/09/2023_Miscellaneous 018

Visit to the Ho Leung Kit Ting Self-financing Activity Centre (只有英文版本)

15/09/2023 _Miscellaneous 019

Career Visit_From Care to Career-Elderly Care Education Program (只有英文版本)

15/09/2023_Miscellaneous 020A

Girls Basketball Team Training (只有英文版本)

18/09/2023_Miscellaneous 020B

Musical Performance at Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with the Elderly


19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 022

HKSSF Inter-School Cross Country Competition and Training


19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 023A

Rett Girl 3 Legged Race Charity Carnival 2023 (只有英文版本)

19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 023B

HKSSF Inter-school Football Competition (只有英文版本)

19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 024

Mini Air Purifier Showcase Care Project Workshop (只有英文版本)

19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 025

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

19/09/2023_Miscellaneous 026

At the Peak Islamic Convention (只有英文版本)

20/09/2023_Miscellaneous 027
20/09/2023_Miscellaneous 028

Gem Identification Workshop in HKBU Jewelry Week 2023 (只有英文版本)