Contract / Regular GM / SGM for 2023/2024

  •  EMI School
  •  Subjects: English Language / Mathematics / Visual Arts / Physical Education (HKDSE) / Biology / Chemistry / Chinese History / Health Management and Social Care
  • Possess a recognized Bachelor’s degree in a relevant and related discipline
  • Have relevant teaching experience in Senior Secondary Subjects
  • Passed the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST)

Interested parties should email their applications with complete CVs to [email protected] or by mail addressed to the Principal, Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College, 22 Tsui Wan Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong with the post applied for on the envelope by 19 April 2023.

School Registration No.: ED 522082
(All information provided will only be used for recruitment-related purposes.)

校本言語治療師 常額 

負責為本校及伊斯蘭鮑伯濤紀念小學提供言語治療服務及相關工作• 持有本港所頒授的言語及聽覺科學學士學位,或具備同等學歷

  •  符合語文能力要求,即在香港中學文憑考試或香港中學會考中國語文科和英國語文科考獲第 2 級或以上成績,或具備同等成績

  • 具備良好中英文書寫及流利的口語能力

  • 具備相關工作經驗及服務非華裔學童經驗者優先考慮

  • 負責為中、小學學童提供評估、制訂及執行治療計劃

  • 為學生、教師和家長提供支援服務:與老師進行協助教學、教師培訓及家長教育等

有意申請上述職位者請將履歷以電郵 ([email protected] )或郵寄往香港柴灣翠灣街 22 號伊
斯蘭脫維善紀念中學校長收 信封面請註明申請職位 。
ED 522082

「申請人所提供的資料將予保密及只作招聘有關職位用途 」