Title Title
05/12/2023_Miscellaneous 096

National flag raising for HK Island Parent Teacher Association Award ceremony


06/12/2023_Miscellaneous 097

Eastern District Parent-Child Sandcastle Competion


06/12/2023_Miscellaneous 098

Prefect cum JPCLC Barbecue Gathering (只有英文版本)

05/12/2023_Miscellaneous 099

Career Visit Programme – H.A.N.D.S. (只有英文版本)

08/12/2023_Miscellaneous 100

Perseverance and Commitment under the Lens Photo Exhibition (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous 101
12/12/2023_Miscellaneous 102

Visit to the Ho Leung Kit Ting Self-financing Activity Centre (只有英文版本)

08/12/2023_Miscellaneous 103

HKSSF Inter-school Football Competition (Grade B) (只有英文版本)

15/12/2023_Miscellaneous 104

Prefect promotion 2023 (只有英文版本)

15/12/2023_Miscellaneous 105

JPCLC promotion 2023 (只有英文版本)

14/12/2023_Miscellaneous 106

Mountaineering Level 1 Course (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous 107
02/01/2024_Miscellaneous 108

Invitation Relay Competition of Mu Kuang Athletics Meeting (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 109

One-Day Sea-Rail-Air Trip to Guangzhou (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 110

CUHK Jockey Club Myopia Prevention Programme Awards Ceremony 2023


02/01/2024_Miscellaneous 111

S2 eng remedial (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 112

RTHK interview for the Civic Education Quiz Contest (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 113

Eastern District Police District Anti-fraud Shield Cup Football Competition (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 114

Charity Walk (只有英文版本)

05/01/2024_Miscellaneous 115

HKSSF Inter-School Athletics Competition and Training_box


03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 116

Visit to City U CLP low carbon centre for 2A&2C (只有英文版本)

03/01/2024_Miscellaneous 117

Visit to City U CLP low carbon centre for 2B (只有英文版本)

05/01/2024_Miscellaneous 118

Prefect Training Camp (只有英文版本)

08/01/2024_Miscellaneous 119

Visit to Ocean Park (只有英文版本)

17/01/2024_Miscellaneous 120

Cricket Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

17/01/2024_Miscellaneous 121

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

10/01/2024_Miscellaneous 122

Energetic Sports Powering Possibilities Part 4 (只有英文版本)

15/01/2024_Miscellaneous 123

Field Trip to Eastern Hospital (Health Management and Social Care) (只有英文版本)

11/01/2024_Miscellaneous 124

Yale Model United Nations 50 (YMUN 50) (只有英文版本)

11/01/2024_Miscellaneous 125

National High School Model United Nations Conference (NHSMUN) (只有英文版本)

11/01/2024_Miscellaneous 126

Eastern District Youth and Civic Education Day cum China in My Eyes Photography Competition Award Ceremony and Photography Exhibition (只有英文版本)

11/01/2024_Miscellaneous 127

Ideal Eastern District Drawing Competition Award Ceremony


12/01/2024_Miscellaneous 128

Job Tasting Programme – The T Hotel (只有英文版本)

12/01/2024_Miscellaneous 129

Job Shadowing Programme – Australian Education Association (只有英文版本)

12/01/2024_Miscellaneous 130

Job Shadowing Programme – Austrian Trade Commission (只有英文版本)

15/01/2024_Miscellaneous 131

Leisure Bowling Activity (只有英文版本)

15/01/2024_Miscellaneous 132

Student ambassadors of Fun Fair of My Motherland in My eyes Eastern District Youth and Civic Education Day (只有英文版本)

15/01/2024_Miscellaneous 133

History Extra Classes (只有英文版本)

04/01/2024_Miscellaneous 134

Outward Bound School Course (只有英文版本)

16/01/2024_Miscellaneous 135

Blue Sky program outing activity – Social Service Elderly Home Visit (只有英文版本)

19/01/2024_Miscellaneous 136

Outward Bound School Course (只有英文版本)

22/01/2024_Miscellaneous 137

Tailor-made Girl Guides uniform in Mong Kok


22/01/2024_Miscellaneous 138

Outward Bound School Course (Girls) (只有英文版本)

22/01/2024_Miscellaneous 139

International Art Supplies (H, K.) Limited Visit


22/01/2024_Miscellaneous 140

Job Shadowing of Henna Artist on Central & Western District Sparkles Vivid and Vibrant Vibes Through the Day and Night Bazaar (只有英文版本)

22/01/2024_Miscellaneous 141

Cultural and Heritage Tour Chai Wan (只有英文版本)

23/01/2024_Miscellaneous 142

HKSSF Inter-school Girls Volleyball Competition (B grade) (只有英文版本)

26/01/2024_Miscellaneous 143

Science in the Kingdom of Allah Online course (只有英文版本)

07/02/2024_Miscellaneous 144

Zuni Arts and Technology Theatre Basic Course 2024 (只有英文版本)

30/01/2024_Miscellaneous 145

英語學習技巧班 (Chinese Version Only)

29/01/2024_Miscellaneous 146

Blue Sky program outing activity – Social Service Elderly Home Visit (只有英文版本)

29/01/2024_Miscellaneous 147

RTatler XFEST Hong Kong Miami FC Training Session Visiting (只有英文版本)

19/02/2024_Miscellaneous 148

The 60th Hong Kong Dance Festival Contest (只有英文版本)

31/01/2024_Miscellaneous 149

Journey To The Lunar New Year Fair (只有英文版本)

05/02/2024_Miscellaneous 150

S3 Chinese Enhancement Classes (只有英文版本)

05/02/2024_Miscellaneous 151

IKTMC Football League (只有英文版本)

05/01/204_Miscellaneous 152A

Guided Tour to Hong Kong Velodrome for S4 PEDSE students (只有英文版本)

19/02/2024_iscellaneous 152B

HKSSF Inter-school Football Competition (Grade C)

19/02/2024_Miscellaneous 153

S1 eng remedial (只有英文版本)

19/02/2024_Miscellaneous 154

From Page to Stage Programme Part 2 – Drama Appreciation Strategy (只有英文版本)

19/02/2024_Miscellaneous 155

Volunteer Service Activity (只有英文版本)

19/02/2024_Miscellaneous 156

Job Shadowing Programme – YMCA College of Career


Miscellaneous 157/ 157(b)



21/02/2024_Miscellaneous 158

GenerationTech 2024 – Technology Challenge and Mentorship by J.P. Morgan Technologists (只有英文版本)

22/02/2024_Miscellaneous 159

JA Plan for Future – JA Workplace Immersion (只有英文版本)

04/03/2024_Miscellaneous 160

Certificate Course in Sport Climbing (Level 1) (只有英文版本)

26/02/2024_Miscellaneous 161

Telstra x JA Innovation Camp (只有英文版本)

26/02/2024_Miscellaneous 162

Visit to Hong Kong Jackey Ckub Drug Info Centre


26/02/2024_Miscellaneous 163

Training at the Chai Wan Parkn (只有英文版本)

29/02/2024_Miscellaneous 164

Health Campus Week – The Reflective Path (只有英文版本)

26/02/2024_Miscellaneous 165

Youth Quitline Ambassador (HMSC_Gp1) (只有英文版本)

29/02/2024_Miscellaneous 166

Youth Quitline Ambassador (HMSC_Gp2) (只有英文版本)

29/02/2024_Miscellaneous 167

Youth Quitline Ambassador (HMSC_Gp3) (只有英文版本)

05/03/2024_Miscellaneous 168

CSD Mainland Study Tour (只有英文版本)

04/03/2024_Miscellaneous 169

Ice Skating activity (只有英文版本)

04/03/2024_Miscellaneous 170

Flag Raising Ceremony for Eastern Community (只有英文版本)

05/03/2024_Miscellaneous 171 (Miscellaneous 170)

參觀鯉魚門軍事要塞 (Chinese Version Only)

05/03/2024_Miscellaneous 172

Visit to Eco Park and West New Territories Landfill


05/03/2024_Miscellaneous 173

S.6 BAFS Extra Classes (只有英文版本)

07/03/2024Miscellaneous 174

Mask Design Competition Prize Ceremony (只有英文版本)

07/03/2024_Miscellaneous 175

NovaLearn Filmmaking Workshop Notice (只有英文版本)

13/03/2024_Miscellaneous 176

Official Launch, Bootcamp and Mentoring Session One


11/03/2024_Miscellaneous 177

JA Plan for Future – JA Workplace Immersion (只有英文版本)

11/03/2024_Miscellaneous 178

JA Plan for Future – JA Workplace Immersion (只有英文版本)

14/03/2024_Miscellaneous 179

“SDGs World Record Panda drawing @looking future in Panda’s eyes” Workshop


11/03/2024_Miscellaneous 180

Award Presentation Ceremony of the Intercultural Dialogue Video Clip Competition (只有英文版本)

12/03/2024_Miscellaneous 181

Sky New Arrival Group Sky 100 X Big Bus Tours (只有英文版本)

13/03/2024_Miscellaneous 182

School Drama Filming Notice (只有英文版本)

15/03/2024_Miscellaneous 183

Iftar reception (只有英文版本)

19/03/2024_Miscellaneous 184

Visit Chai Wan Divisional Police Station (只有英文版本)

19/03/2024_Miscellaneous 185

Rugby Hong Kong Seven Appreciation


19/03/2024_Miscellaneous 186

IGCSE Chinese Speaking Examination (只有英文版本)

20/03/2024_Miscellaneous 187

Visit to Ocean Park (只有英文版本)

21/03/2024_Miscellaneous 188

PolyU Capacity Building Scheme-Rwanda trip (只有英文版本)

22/03/2024_Miscellaneous 189

Visit to Elderly Home (只有英文版本)

11/03/2024_Miscellaneous 190

PolyU Life Story Interview and Writing Service-Learning Project (只有英文版本)

20/03/2024_Miscellaneous 191

The 2nd Cantonese Competition for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong (只有英文版本)

26/06/2024_Miscellaneous 192

JA Plan for Future – JA Workplace Immersion (只有英文版本)