Project Description

It was held in Liberal Studies week in 2014-15 but in a much larger scale. There were two levels, senior and junior, and all students were invited to write their own speeches and to be an audience in the Hall. Interesting, significant and up-to-date questions related to moral values and current affairs and relevant to our students were given, as follows:

Junior Form:

  • Is Hong Kong my home?
  • What the world needs now?
  • The most influential person(s) in my life.
  • The person I aspire to be.

Senior Form:

  • What the world needs now?
  • Suggestions to our government to govern Hong Kong.
  • Is civil disobedience justified?
  • Should Ethnic Minority students receive National Education?

Among the 20 contestants, some of them were delivering a speech on stage for the first time. Overall speaking they have made quality speeches to win the audience’s applause. The audience has also shown decent support to their schoolmates on stage.