Project Description

It is probably the most festive day at school.

It is a grand but jubilee celebration of our multicultural heritage; Thanks to globalization, students and teachers from continents and nations gather here for education; hence, on this day we emphasize differences and harmony within diversity.

To echo the Day of Racial Equality on 21 st March, the Multi-Cultural Day is always held on Mid March. To spice up the day, we invited a number of consulate-general s to join us, and bring us numerous valuable cultural artifacts and palatable snacks ; We invited lots of performers as well, like Mr. Vivek Mabubani, the funniest ethnic minority comedian in the city, to bring us laughter; Last but not least, students of other schools, ranging from our sister primary schools’ students to secondary students from Jakarta, joined us as audience and as performers and even dancers on stage.

The one and a half-hour program in the hall was no doubt eye-opening to the audience. Different personnel shared their experience in different countries, hoping they will inspire students to get to know more about beautiful cultures in the world and open up their horizons.

It is a big show; every year teachers and students come up with various fresh programs to entertain everyone. Singing a Disney theme song in Arabic, performing Chinese Dragon Dance on stage, hosting an environmentally friendly fashion show, it is just like a chef cooking a feast of difference delicacies of different flavors. Eventually, the show ends with the teachers’ performance of songs glorifying globalization: We are the World, ABBA’s Super trouper and Carpenter’s ‘Sing’.

The cultural booths at the playground are not less thrilling than Chinese New Year Funfairs. Delicious food and drinks, kaleidoscopic display and games, energetic band playing the guitars and African Drums as well as all the happy smiley faces of the helpers and staff are some of the puzzle pieces of a picture of harmonious utopia.