Title Title
01/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 071

HKSSF Inter School (B Grade) Football Competition (只有英文版本)

01/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 075

Secondary School Life Seminar Volunteer (只有英文版本)

06/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 076

Rehabilitation Pioneer Project – Student Forum (只有英文版本)

09/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 077A

Training at Elite Skills Arena (只有英文版本)

13/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 077B

聖誕嘉年華義工活動 (Chinese Version Only)

13/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 078

Secondary School Life Seminar Volunteer (只有英文版本)

13/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 079

Visit to Ocean Park For S6 class (只有英文版本)

14/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 080

Pre-Islamic Historical Documantary Watching activity (只有英文版本)

14/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 081

Career Visit to Alibaba Cloud (只有英文版本)

15/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 082A

School Promotion (只有英文版本)

16/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 082B

Cricket Team Training Camp (只有英文版本)

16/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 083

Cricket Team Training (Boys) (只有英文版本)

16/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 084

Cricket Team Training (Girls) (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 085

S1 Social Service Day Cleaning Activity (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 086

S2A Social Service Day Dialogue In Te Dark Exhibition (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 087

S2BC Social Service Day Jockey Club Sports Inclusion Programme (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 088

S3AB Social Service Day Gift Distribution (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 089

S3C Social Service Day Meal Box & Gift Distribution (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 090

S4 Social Service Day New Year Party for Elderly (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 091

S5A Social Service Day New Year Party for Elderly (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 092

S5B Social Service Day New Year Party for Elderly (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 093

S5C Social Service Day New Year Party for Elderly (只有英文版本)

20/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 094

Mountaineering Level 1 Course (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 095

Training at Elite Skills Arena (Second Session) (只有英文版本)

22/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 096

Trampoline Park Tour (只有英文版本)

21/12/2022_Miscellaneous Notic 097

THE LIGHTBEARERS Online Course (只有英文版本)

04/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 098

2223 Athletic team training (只有英文版本)

10/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 099

HKSSF Inter School Athletics Competition (只有英文版本)

05/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 100

3rd Career Ambassador Training (只有英文版本)

04/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 101

Outward Bound School Course (只有英文版本)

04/01/223_Miscellaneous Notic 102

Blue Sky Program Rock Climbing Activity (只有英文版本)

05/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 103

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

09/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 104

S5 history Extra Classes (只有英文版本)

06/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 105

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

06/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 106

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

06/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 107

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (只有英文版本)

09/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 108

Culture and Arts Gathering Carnival in Eastern District Students helper (只有英文版本)

10/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 109

Guided Tour to Hong Kong Velodrome for S4 PEDSE students (只有英文版本)

10/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 110

Prefect Training Camp (只有英文版本)

19/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 111

Dancing Performance (只有英文版本)

14/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 112

Job Shadowing – Caritas Computer Workshop (只有英文版本)

14/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 113

Job Shadowing – Rhys Company Limited (只有英文版本)

14/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 114

Job Shadowing – Integrated Service for Young People (只有英文版本)

14/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 115

Job Shadowing – T Hotel (只有英文版本)

12/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 116

Visit to The Reflective Path (只有英文版本)

17/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 117

Journey To The Lunar New Year Fair (只有英文版本)

16/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 118

Prefect Barbecue Party (只有英文版本)

19/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 119

S5 Extra Classes (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous Notic 120

Girls’ Swimming Classes (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous Notic 121

Ocean Park Life-wide Learning Journey (只有英文版本)

30/01/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 122

2023 Epworth Walk Fundraising Event (只有英文版本)

Miscellaneous Notic 123

HKTDC Education & Careers Expo Visit (只有英文版本)

01/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 124

Volunteer Service Activity(Wah Yan College) (只有英文版本)

14/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 125

Visit to Hong Kong M Plus Museum (只有英文版本)

03/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 126

Immersive media Art exhibition “Eternal Nature” (只有英文版本)

14/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 127

Visit to Hong Kong Palace Museum (只有英文版本)

10/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 128

Amazing English (Chinese Version only)

15/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 129

The 59th Hong Kong Dance Festival Contest (只有英文版本)

13/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 130

Sky New Arrival Group Sky 100 X Big Bus Tours (只有英文版本)

14/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 131

Field Trip to Central (Life and Society) (只有英文版本)

13/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 132

Cricket Umpiring Course Round 2 (只有英文版本)

13/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 133

VR Campus Tour Matterport Workshop (只有英文版本)

13/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 134

Field Trip to Eastern Hospital (Health Management and Social Care) (只有英文版本)

14/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 135

DIY Upcycling Workshop of “Eastern District Cultural Festival – Traveling to the Eastern District” (只有英文版本)

20/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 136

Job Shadowing – Future Skills Workshop @Bloomberg (只有英文版本)

21/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 137

Flag Selling Activity (只有英文版本)

21/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 138

Foot drill and flag raising training (只有英文版本)

22/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 139

Company visit (只有英文版本)

24/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 140

BlueSky & JPC Junior Police Call Permanent Activity Centre and Integrated Youth Training Camp (只有英文版本)

27/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 141

Thai Boxing Taste Program and HKBU Visiting Day (只有英文版本)

28/02/2023_Miscellaneous Notic 142

中國歷史校際精英問答比賽 活動 (Chinese Version only)